Oklahoma City Roofing after May 20, 2013

Happy Tuesday June 18, 2013 to everyone!!

So who could have known my first ever roofing contractor blog post was going to cover the latter half of May 2013? Something that I as a Moore Oklahoma resident will remember for the rest of my life with incredible clarity on so many points!

So much unreal damage, havoc, and sadness...I've just literally never seen anything of this scale in my entire life...personally OR professionally as a Moore roofing contractor!

I was roughly 500 feet from Plaza Towers elementary school when the tornado hit, but was unaware that the elementary school had taken the direct hit that it did. That said, there was plenty of destruction right where our crew was, so we instinctively just jumped in and started helping to dig neighbors out from underneath the rubble of their houses.

But it was more than just people we were digging out...we helped save a fair amount of pets and animals too!

And I have to say how proud and impressed I was w/ the organization and sheer response time of the Home Depot - pretty much having basic triage set up within about 15 minutes after the tornado ripped through Moore!

As a Moore roofing contractor, the levels of destruction and the stories I hear every day from home owners whose houses I've been called out to is nothing short of heart wrenching in every way possible! But I have to say..."Oklahoma strong" and our Oklahoma spirit is really something to be witnessed up close and personal as so many of our customers are so focused on moving forward and getting things restored and back to order "sooner" (Boomer!) than later!

Hats off and a thousand prayers and respect to all of us for that, because it is what truly makes this neck of the woods so unique and special compared to anywhere else on this planet...let alone the in America!

I could keep going on (and I probably will as I post future blogs!)...but I really want to start getting some sound advice out to the roofing oklahoma community.

Believe me...not many people understand or have seen as much insurance paperwork on roofing in Oklahoma than I have!

So when I say insurance paperwork can be overwhelming - I'll bet you know exactly what I mean right!

So why not make that one of your qualifications for Moore or any Oklahoma roofing contractors in general you want to visit your house/property to give you a competitive bid on the repair work needed for your roof. A good roofing/general contractor is one that will help you understand the full scope of all of your repairs roofing and otherwise - and then will help coordinate everything.

I'll keep posting to give pointers when I can, and as always for any new, repair, or replacement roofing services you may need...don't think twice to give me a call!

Dave McNeal - Owner - First American Roofing