Home Improvements that Lower Insurance Costs in OKC

Following a natural disaster, the main thing on a community's mind is simple – it's rebuilding. While sorting through the rubble and planning out your next move, can a homeowner actually take steps during the rebuilding process that will lower their insurance costs? John Wiscaver, Vice President of Public Affairs for Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance and Co-Chairman of the State Insurance Department's Catastrophe Response Task Force, recently explained how certain home improvements can reduce homeowners' insurance rates.

Typically, storm shelters are built in precaution of a tornado, however, as Mr. Wiscaver explains, these structures are intended for personal safety, not necessarily home or property protection. According to Wiscaver, "while storm shelters can be a valuable addition to be considered to increase personal safety, especially considering we live in an area of the country that frequently experiences severe weather, installing one will not lower your home owner's insurance costs." "Typically, insurers look at building materials that are more resistant to damage or protect the actual property from damage and therefore lower a home insurance claim if a disaster does strike. Hail- and wind-resistant products are an example of these building materials," Wiscaver added.

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When figuring out where to use the bulk of your renovation money, Wiscaver advises Oklahoma residents to absolutely focus on improvements to your roof. He explains that, "the roof is very important to a home, as it typically takes the brunt of severe weather, especially hail and wind damage. If a roof is damaged, additional damage can occur from water, debris, etc., allowing interior damage to occur to the home and potentially damage personal property in the home." The true value of this type of damage is often underappreciated as it is extremely hard to place a price tag on personal items, especially pictures of loved ones or memorable collectables gathered over the years.

Wiscaver adds that "when hail and wind impact-resistant roofing materials are used, most insurers offer rate discounts to homeowners for their investment. There are several different grades of roofing. They range from Class One through Class Four, and are rated by Underwriters Laboratories standards. These materials will provide additional protection against hail and other impacts, and will better defend against wind and fire, as well. It's always good to check with your insurance agent on these and any other discounts that may be available."

Hopefully, you never have to experience the type of loss that would require significant home renovation and improvement. If you're looking to upgrade your roofing, check with your insurance agent and then call First American Roofing. We’ll be happy to discuss our OKC roofing services and find the best roofing for your money.