Weather the Next Big Oklahoma City Storm by Following These Tips

If you're an Oklahoma City resident, you don't need to be told twice about the importance of being ready for a storm. People across the country have been dealing with severe weather a lot more frequently, and after a particularly damaging winter, spring and summer storms have been hitting people very hard. Severe thunderstorms have been dumping heavy rain and damaging winds on residents seemingly once a week, and it's possible that you've been at work and heard a tornado siren sound. The American Red Cross recently pledged several million dollars towards helping people across the state, and homeowners need to do whatever they can to keep their homes intact. 

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You can't always tell when a big storm is going to hit, and sometimes you can't help but be in its path. You may not be able to control nature, but you can start to prepare your home to withstand whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at Oklahoma City next. First American Roofing has expert OKC roofing contractors who know how to keep homes safe during storms, and if you want to protect your property, you should consider following these tips.

Forget nailing your windows shut

If you're watching a TV show or a movie about an upcoming storm, 9 times out of 10 you're going to see a character frantically running around and nailing their windows shut to protect them. The only thing that nailing your windows shut is going to do is make them more difficult to fix when damage is done. If you're concerned about protecting your windows, find some sturdy and weatherproof window shutters. These are designed to withstand serve weather, and protect your windows from extensive damage. If you have decorative shutters, you may want to consider replacing them. When those flimsy fixtures get loose during a storm, they can cause some significant damage.

Get good shingles

Some people think that they're lucky if they come out of a major storm with a few missing shingles, but those few broken shingles will only make the next storm much more difficult to handle. Missing shingles leave space for wind and rain to get inside of your home, and the gaps will only make it easier for wind to tear off even more shingles during the next major weather event. In an area where severe thunderstorms and tornadoes occur, you can't afford to have shingles that are not designed to withstand weather. WeatherGuard HP ® Shingles are made specifically to withstand winds from 110 to 130 MPH, and come in a variety of colors.

Trim your trees

When it comes to severe weather, scattered debris can be as much of a problem as the wind and the rain. If you have branches that are touching your roof, you need to trim them back. When the wind increases, they'll be scraping against your roof and possibly even cracking some nearby windows. Prune any of your big branches to make it easier for the wind to pass through them without breaking them on top of your home.

When you are worried about the next storm that the Oklahoma City weather will throw at you, the best possible thing that you can do is to prepare your home. Call or contact us at First American Roofing to see what you can do to lessen the chances of damage.