Green Roofs are the Newest Thing to Hit OKC – Here's why!

How important is the environment to you? Many people will say that environmental issues are some of the most important problems we face, but it can feel difficult for people living in cities to go green. You may recycle and you could try to only buy locally, but those are only a few small things you could be doing to help the planet. All cities are an integral part of our society, and densely populated areas need to be as green as possible. Green cities were the theme of this past Earth Day, and there is one popular green city idea that we love at First America Roofing: green roofs.

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When we use the term green roofs, we obviously aren't talking about roofs that are painted green. Green roofs utilize the tops of homes and buildings to grow vegetation, which are planted over a waterproofing membrane. The majority have drainage and irrigation systems that keep the plants hydrated, but also prevent water from damaging the roof.

Green roofs are designed to absorb rainwater, provide insulation for heating and cooling, creating a habitat for animals, and simply making roofs look nice. Green roofing in OKC is possible, and even affordable. There are a variety of environmental benefits that come with green roofs, but all of the perks don't just go to Mother Nature. A green roof has several benefits for the people that live under it. Did you know that green roofs can . . .

Provide storm water management

How many of you notice pools of water on your roof after a big storm? Those puddles of water can be harmful to your roof if they stay there for too long, but having a green roof would eliminate that problem. Green roofing systems store water in the substrate, which is then absorbed by the plants. During the summer months, green roofs can retain 70%-90% of all the precipitation that falls on them. Green roofs help reduce the amount of storm water runoff, and delay its occurrence.   

Cool homes

Summers in densely populated cities can be brutal, even with air conditioners and fans. Cities are like sponges for heat; all of the people and the heat energy they give off can make an already hot summer day seem unbearable at home. The daily dew and evaporation cycle your plants go through are able to cool cities. The plants on your green roof are also able to absorb sunlight that would usually be converted into heat energy. 

Beautify your home

Everybody needs some green space in the city, but an open area with a lot of plant life can be difficult to come by in an urban environment. A green roof can help give your home and neighborhood some much needed green scenery, and can make your home look more attractive to certain eco-friendly buyers. 

Purify your neighborhood

Smog can be an unfortunate side effect of living in a city, but ample vegetation can help reduce smog and improve the overall air quality. Your green roof can help absorb some of the harmful air pollutants, and produce some much needed oxygen. This gives you the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air without having to travel to the country to do it.

If you are thinking of this option for your roof, speak to the professionals at First American Roofing. We can provide the expertise on the best materials to work in collaboration with your green roofing project. Make your green dream a reality!