Find Your Perfect Roof with 3 Simple Characteristics

People take pride in the appearance of their homes. That's why residents in Oklahoma City take home maintenance so seriously. You'll see people spending hours meticulously cleaning out their window wells and gutters, and doing whatever they can to keep their siding colorful and clean – the same goes for the roof. Your roof doesn't just keep the elements out of your home; it also makes a big impact on the look of your abode. Roofs can be a fashion and taste statement, as well as a barrier that keeps your home safe.

With the right Oklahoma City roofing contractors, you can have a home that looks nice, feels great, and is thoroughly ready to handle some of the most severe weather. All roofing material isn't the same, and certain types can have different effects on your home. When you're deciding on what material to use for your new room, remember to keep these things in mind:

Weather resistance

The weather is anything but boring in Oklahoma City, and every season brings its own form of harsh weather. The spring and summer months aren't just full of sunshine and warmth, they're also packed with severe thunderstorms, hail, and the occasional tornado. If you want to protect your roof from heavy rain and hail storms, slate tiles may be the best material. Their durability and longevity make them the ideal tiles for nearly any home. If you can't stand the heat in the summers, consider getting clay tiles. Clay helps reflect the sun's heat and keep your house cool.


You should view any kind of significant home renovation project as a long-term investment, and roofing is no different from replacing your siding or deciding to re-do a room in your house. Many different roofing material manufacturers claim that their products have the longest life expectancy on the market, but the best sales pitch can't beat what people know about roofing. Asphalt, tile, metal, wood, slate, and other materials all last for different amounts of time. If you want your roof to last for a while, you should consider slate. Slate roofing tiles can last for a very long time, when properly maintained. 

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When you're buying a new roof, you have to find a good balance for your budget. You obviously don't want to spend too much money, but you do want to be able to get high quality roofing materials and contractors. Keep in mind that the money you spend on certain things now could end up saving you a lot in the future. If you're very concerned about cost, consider going with asphalt. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive and can last for a good 20 years.

When revamping your roof in Oklahoma City, remember to consult reputable contractors, like us at First American Roofing. With our expertise, we can guide you towards the right roofing materials for your needs and budget. Contact us today!